Unreasonably, Meta is removing one of the top Oculus games.

 Unreasonably, Meta is removing one of the top Oculus games.

/Echo VR, Formerly Echo Arena, Will Be No More.


It’s been compared to a hybrid between ultimate frisbee and the Battle School from Ender’s Game. Blitzball meets VR from Final Fantasy X is how we describe it. It realistically puts you in a robot body that moves around in a zero-G environment. To win, you must use your wrist jets to propel yourself past obstacles, colleagues, and even enemies. Even its own eSport emerged from it.

However, Meta (formerly Facebook) is now killing off Echo VR (formerly Echo Arena). After making Echo VR one of the main games for the Meta Quest (formerly Oculus Quest) and Rift S launches, Facebook acquired its creator, Ready at Dawn, in 2020. Refunds for DLC, in-game cash, or in-app purchases are not available from Meta.

Ready at Dawn claims to be “open and communicative” in a blog post, but the reason is actually that there aren’t any compelling arguments given. This choice was not made carelessly in the least. The studio coming together to concentrate on our next project was the main reason it was made, but there were many other wonderful reasons as well.

I’m done now. Along with the option to play it (and its FPS equivalent, Echo Combat) till August 1st, 2023 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, when the servers will be permanently shut down. If you participate in a match, many of the in-game awards are also unlocked.

Will I still be able to play?

The answer is that servers will keep running until August 1st, 2023, 10:00 AM Pacific.
The servers and services will then be turned off, ending the game at that point.

I’ll never understand when businesses shut down perfectly fantastic games because they’ve determined they can’t “support” them any more. Keep them around if they’re good! The things that Meta continues to invest money in are much worse.

I’ll admit that I didn’t play Echo VR as much as I would have liked to since I could never get my friends to purchase VR headsets and play VR games, and I didn’t like playing this fantastic team-based game with the rude youngsters I normally encountered there. Though not exclusive to Echo VR, the phenomena of bad-mouthed kids does exist.

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