War Made This 29-Year-Old a Billionaire, Facebook Made Him Rich.

Facebook made him wealthy.

29-Year-Old a Billionaire, When your life can be as bizarre as Palmer Luckey’s, why needs the metaverse? In 2016, Facebook, which had just acquired the virtual reality startup Oculus, abruptly fired its founder. Luckey’s Trump-supporting beliefs had turned Zuckerberg and his cronies off. Few people could have predicted at the time that the imaginative technologist, gamer, and cosplayer who once posed on a digital beach for Time Magazine would go on to play a significant role in the field of military technology. Luckey, though, moved fast to launch Anduril, a business focused on cutting-edge military technology and backed by Founders Fund.

Facebook Made Him Rich ; Palmer Luckey

Palmer Luckey Claims VR Is More Fun Than Working With Weapons !!!!!!!

Pentagon contracts worth billions of dollars are now going to Luckey. One of them is for Lattice, its “battlefield operating system,” which is a counter-drone technology. In the company’s demo film, a sentry surveillance tower is seen spotting a hostile drone and sending out a small, fast drone of its own to knock the invader out of the sky. Anduril just purchased a business that produces robot submarines. Now, the video games Luckey played as a kid are lethal.

Because Anduril is valued at about $5 billion, Luckey is a unique founder of two unicorns. For a military contractor, he is unique. Being always clothed in a Hawaiian shirt and occasionally in cosplay gear gives him a more happier hacker attitude. He is an odd figure in Silicon Valley because of his conservative political views. Unapologetic and optimistic, Luckey discussed his discussions with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, the ethics of defense technology, and Mark Zuckerberg’s foray into the metasphere (one of his sisters is married to right-wing provocateur and Congressman Matt Gaetz).

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Palmer Luckey, a rising star in virtual reality, feels justified after being kicked out of Silicon Valley for being a Trump supporter. His $8 billion defense technology company, Anduril, is equipping Ukraine and producing future weaponry.

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